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  • Luvena always manages to take it one notch higher, every time!! I've been her student of anatomy and am so grateful at her ability to dumb things down :) She's so in the moment and fun that you can't help but learn. More than anything I love how she breaks all stereotypes ... She has taught me that no matter where my body is at the moment, whether you've broken a leg, hurt your back, feeling a couple of KGs over, or even absolutely mad at the world, yoga adapts. More power to you good teacher!!

  • Okay! May be I need more than an hour to write about Lovely Luvena and her amazing teaching method but I will try to make it short...

    I first attended her class at a1000 yoga during my teachers training. I was really worried about anatomy class as I was always a bad scorer in biology in my school days and never showed interest in it actually. But her first class left me so surprised that I never thought anatomy could be so simpler. It was just WOW.

    I could connect so well with her teaching because she can easily make anyone imagine things so beautifully with her explanation , her method of teaching is simply beyond words and one may have to simply sit in her class to know what it is. And icing on the cake is her humour, she makes you laugh with her amazing sense of humour which is the beauty of her teaching.

    Besides, you take any physical ailments to her as a case study, she is so perfect in assessing it. I somehow feel I should go to her with all my case studies or my own physical issues to her than any doctor. I am spellbound with her teaching skills and her lovely personality. I recommend everyone in yoga field to attend her session, it is something not to be missed if you are in teaching especially.

    I'm so glad to be in her Focus Talk group and find myself lucky to have known her.

  • Luvena is a true example of an Urban Yogi. Her pragmatic approach to yoga resonates with most modern day practitioners. Personally, I am grateful to have been mentored by her and also made a friend in the process. Her style of teaching yoga by linking the ancient art and modern science establishes a strong connect between the student, subject and teacher. I would highly recommend Luvena's coaching/teaching to anyone seeking wellness & mindfulness.

  • Totally amazing and relaxed - while teaching and learning - more power to you luvena... Wishing you all the very best and liking forward to many more sessions that you conduct the year round.