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What care should be taken during the Christian Lent period while fasting for 40 days without eating anything until 3PM so that a person does not put on weight?

A: Your question seems like a random collection of queries... I wonder if it is serious at all.. However, my thoughts:

  • Lent is a period of introspection and fasting during Lent is a spiritual aspiration, not a weight loss regime.
  • Lent doesn't prescribe any time slot for fasting - it relies more on spiritual context of fasting, abstinence and humility.
  • If, however, one is fasting, as general fasting protocol, eat lighter, nutritious, wholesome food instead of sugar/ fat dump that will throw the blood sugar out of balance.
How is acute sinusitis treated in Ayurveda?

A: The procedure or therapeutic route taken is best advised by your ayurvedic physician. However, some the non-medical protocols that Ayurveda would suggest you follow to assist in the process & recovery might include:

  • increasing fluid intake
  • detoxifying to curb the inflammation
  • steam inhalation (this may be in conjunction with a treatment procedure that may include nasya)
  • diet modification according to your aggravated dosha
  • de-stressing & yogic practices.

The treatment with Ayurvedic medicines would be prescribed to assist your body back to balance.
In acute sinusitis, avoid jal neti as it may spread the infection to non-affected regions.

How do I cure my 10-15 year old constipation problem?

A: Chronic constipation is an indicator of a chronic imbalance and the approach would be in multiple ways. Firstly, since it is a digestive system imbalance, we would need to look at food habits and increase water and roughage / including soluble fiber in the diet.

As a yoga instructor, I would most definitely include meditative practices and yoga that would help in managing stress. Stress management and lifestyle changes (adequate rest, right food for your body-mind constitution) would be a good start.

On the flip side, chronic constipation is also a result of long-term dependence on laxatives and/or due to other health conditions.

Since you are based in Bangalore, you may connect with me if you wish for me to help you in working with a better lifestyle protocol and explore ways to bring your body and health back into balance.

I am one amongst those frustrated IT professionals who hate his job, I've to spend 3-4 years, how will I learn to love my job to survive this long span of time?

A: I can empathise and feel your frustration. I would suggest you look for a good coach who can help you understand what you would to do in life and what inspires you to work. You may surprise yourself if the work involved may or may not be within your current domain/ workspace! Look for corporate coaches / leadership coaches whose profile and conversation inspires you to feel transformation happening. Ask for discovery sessions as your tester to see who would be the best person to work with.

Above all, well done on observing this frustration & need for yourself. That, in itself is a big start!

Best of luck!

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