Community Programs and Workshops

Holistic wellness and yoga based talks and workshops open to the community.

Community Programs and Workshops

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  • MyHealth Masterclass Series – Starting December 2018

    The Curvy Yogi in association with MyBoTree, Koramangala, offers these essential Health & Wellness talks to the general public to build awareness and empower attendees to take better care of themselves and their wellness.

  • Lifestyle Counselling & Coaching

    Luvena offers a personalized lifestyle counseling and coaching program for mind-body-spirit wellness using the tenets and principles of yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and other holistic protocols. Her clients come from various backgrounds and find her intuitive understanding of wellness with her background in the human sciences to be very unique and wholesome with the right touch of contemporary attitude and spiritual balance.

  • Monthly Mindfulness

    This is a Monthly workshop open to the wider community intended to bring mindfulness practices to the society. Every month, practitioners are taken through a brief discussion of Mindfulness and are introduced to two new mindfulness practices that they can then practice throughout the month.

  • Off the Mat

    This is a monthly community conversation co-facilitated by The Curvy Yogi, Luvena and Cognitive Yogi, Shobhit Raj. The intention of the conversation is to bring together the yoga and non-yoga community through conversation over various aspects.

  • Personal Sessions

    The Curvy Yogi offers personal Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations, Coaching and Counselling Programs.

  • Pratyahara Weekend

    A Monthly weekend workshop, Pratyahara Weekend focuses on deepening pratyahara through a two-day immersion – or internalization of awareness and withdrawal of senses. The workshop is co-facilitated by The Curvy Yogi, Luvena and Cognitive Yogi, Shobhit Raj, and takes the participants on a deeply relaxing and introspective journey through Yoga Nidra as well as Meditation practices. The program includes asana, pranayama, theory as well as pratyahara practices. Participants have the option to be initiated to their own personalized mantra.